The three-way mirror effect of Lawson’s triangular, kaleidoscopic images of flowers challenge us to re-examine our perception of nature. The response to these images has been divided, with reactions ranging from ‘beautiful’ to ‘hideous’.

Why would that be? This may simply be a primitive reaction. The inverted triangle is the same arrangement as a face: two eyes and a mouth. Again Lawson is anthropomorphising his subject to show that this is a matter of perception. It is survival instinct that we search for faces in things and we all view the world differently and whether these geometric modifications are seen as new varieties or deformed mutations, offer solace or pose a threat, are beautiful or hideous is okay – it’s all in the mind!

Dahlia No1 Series #1,
Whitehall Park, North London, September 2018
Hellebore No1 Series #5,
Whitehall Park, North London, February 2019
Hellebore No2 Series #2,
Highgate, North London, February 2019
Orchid No1 Series #3,
Mirabeau, France, August 2021